The Gingham Club FAQs

We are so excited to introduce our new loyalty benefits in 2023 through our rewards program, The Gingham Club.  Our new program rewards customers for all of their purchases with coupons redeemable on (almost!) anything without needing to keep track of a physical punch card.


How do I join The Gingham Club?

Customers purchasing online should create an account by registering here, and should make sure they are signed into their account to view their rewards and place orders.  For those shopping in our St. Louis store, please provide your email address at checkout to be signed in.


How do I earn points?

Customers can earn points toward their next reward first and foremost by making a purchase!  Every dollar spent = one reward point.  Customers can also earn 100 points when they first create an account, and 500 points for celebrating a birthday.


What do I get with my points?

500 points can be converted to a $20 coupon, issued in the form of a discount code online or a credit for the in store point of sale.


How do I redeem my points?

Sign into the Rewards widget on the lower right hand screen to view any available rewards.  When shopping in store, share your email address with the sales associate at checkout.